Whether you are a small, medium, or large publisher, website owner, or content creator can increase your advertising revenue with ViraAds. With advanced optimization technology, reliable statistics, and honesty, we will fully exploit the resources for you.

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The user-friendly, transparent features make it easy for you to make money from your website with just a few clicks.

Real-time, reliable statistics

Powerful system, clear dashboard, automatic delivery, real-time updates, complete reporting, reliable.

Quick and easy integration

We provide advertisers and publishers with a smart API system that helps you integrate ViraAds into your system easily and quickly.

Anti adblock

With advanced technology system, Our ads bypass ads blocker to increase your income.

Multiple ads formats

Any form of advertising you want: CPM, CPC, CPV, CPA... Your marketing campaign will be optimized when using a suitable form of advertising.

Automatic report

The reporting system is transparent, completely automatic, send income notifications via email or app to content developers.

Various payment methods

Integrate many flexible payment methods to meet your requirements such as Paypal, Payoneer, Wire bank...

Real-time bid advertising platform

Let us bring your products to the most potential customers.


We offer a wide range of tools and features to make monetizing website traffic easy. Our publisher platform is designed to help you effectively monetize your web and mobile traffic with a variety of ads.


VAST is a form of video content display advertising also known as in-stream or out-stream advertising by content publishers. This form of advertising is effective and highly authentic.

 Pop_Under ADs

Pop_Under advertising is a form of advertising that appears when a user turns on the content house's page. This ad offers huge potential for advertisers to increase awareness and for publishers to maximize their overall earnings potential. By appearing behind other active browsing windows, these ads are less intrusive to your target audience and are a great way to optimize desktop engagement and mobile devices.

 Banner ADs

A form of advertising that inserts banners into websites and publishers' content, when users click on the ad, they will be linked to the advertiser's content. 

 In-page Push ADs

A leading online advertising format and the next step in the evolution of Traditional Push Notifications. Push ads are well-targeted, highly engaging and do not affect the user experience. It's an ad format that doesn't take up any space on a publisher's website, giving publisher efficiency and advertiser performance. Combine high-quality user experiences, market-tested returns, and stronger conversions.  

 Direct ADs

A form of advertising when one is an advertisement that is linked directly to the content publisher's article. The ads will be popped up when the viewer clicks on the publisher's content. This form of advertising allows advertisers to select content from publishers to place ads to improve campaign effectiveness and performance. With publishers increasing revenue when choosing the right advertisement for the audience.

 Native ADs

A form of advertising when the content, the advertiser's articles are displayed on the publisher's system naturally, like the article that the publisher builds the content.

This ad format blends seamlessly with the surrounding content creating high engagement and conversion rates. Native advertising is intrusive and provides publishers with an easy way to increase ad revenue without disrupting the user experience.


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